1982 volume 14(11) pages 1425 – 1435

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Hanseman D J, 1982, "Stochastic input - output analysis: a simulation study" Environment and Planning A 14(11) 1425 – 1435

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Stochastic input - output analysis: a simulation study

D J Hanseman

Received 17 March 1981, in revised form 15 October 1981

Abstract. In the first part of the paper, the idea of a stochastic input - output model, as conceived by Gerking, is reviewed and criticized; and some extensions and simplifications are then made. The second part seeks to assess the small sample behavior of several regression estimators proposed by Berking. Since samples available for the construction of regional tables are typically quite small, this Monte Carlo study provides evidence as to which of the proposed estimators is most feasible for the actual empirical construction of regional input - output tables.

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