1982 volume 14(10) pages 1307 – 1340

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Jensen-Butler C, 1982, "Capital accumulation and regional development: the case of Denmark" Environment and Planning A 14(10) 1307 – 1340

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Capital accumulation and regional development: the case of Denmark

C Jensen-Butler

Received 10 October 1980, in revised form 21 September 1981

Abstract. A review is presented of different approaches to the explanation of regional development in industrialised countries, in the marxist tradition. The approach based upon analysis of the process of capital accumulation is identified as being the most valuable, and a theoretical framework for analysis of regional development, based on Marx's economics, is developed. The framework attempts to combine physical aspects of change in the production process and changes at the level of values. Finally, empirical evidence on regional development in Denmark is presented in support of the theoretical framework. Comparisons are made with patterns of regional development in Britain.

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