1982 volume 14(7) pages 963 – 971

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Costanzo C M, Halperin W C, Gale N D, Richardson G D, 1982, "An alternative method for assessing goodness-of-fit for logit models" Environment and Planning A 14(7) 963 – 971

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An alternative method for assessing goodness-of-fit for logit models

C M Costanzo, W C Halperin, N D Gale, G D Richardson

Received 24 April 1981, in revised form 22 July 1981

Abstract. An inference strategy is presented to assess the goodness-of-fit for logit models. The conventional approach has emphasized likelihood ratio tests in which a distribution for the test statistic is assumed. A more recent development, the prediction success table, is based upon a ratio of predicted to observed choice patterns, yet it is primarily a descriptive index not placed within the context of an inference strategy/hypothesis-testing framework. An alternative method is put forward which uses residuals. Although problematic in a parametric context, residuals can be used in an approach which incorporates both a nonparametric randomization procedure and a sample reuse design. A test statistic is defined and compared to a reference distribution created under the assumption of random variation in the responses with variation in the explanatory variable(s). A numerical example is carried out to investigate the efficacy of using this approach.

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