1982 volume 14(7) pages 857 – 867

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Moulaert F, Philips F, 1982, "The employment of migrant workers in the Belgian economy: a structural phenomenon" Environment and Planning A 14(7) 857 – 867

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The employment of migrant workers in the Belgian economy: a structural phenomenon

F Moulaert, F Philips

Received 5 November 1980, in revised form 15 May 1981

Abstract. An attempt is made to give a statistical answer to the question: "Has the employment of migrant workers in Belgium a purely structural or rather a mixed (that is, both structural and cyclical) character?"

Indicators of structural and cyclical economic development are used to examine which of two sets of regressions provides the best statistical explanation of the evolution of total employment of migrant workers over time. The first set contains regressions constructed in terms of indicators of structural development only, whereas the second set consists of regressions specified in terms of both types of indicators. It is found that including cyclical indicators into the specification does not meaningfully contribute to the statistical explanation of the employment of migrant workers. However, mixed specifications including the lagged dependent variable demonstrate a slight superiority for a number of individual coefficient statistics.

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