1982 volume 14(5) pages 615 – 622

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Pickles A R, Davies R B, Crouchley R, 1982, "Heterogeneity, nonstationarity, and duration-of-stay effects in migration" Environment and Planning A 14(5) 615 – 622

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Heterogeneity, nonstationarity, and duration-of-stay effects in migration

A R Pickles, R B Davies, R Crouchley

Received 30 May 1980, in revised form 10 June 1981

Abstract. This paper briefly outlines the theoretical problem of the identification of duration-of-stay effects in migration. The empirical studies are critically reviewed with particular emphasis upon their treatment of heterogeneity and nonstationarity. New statistical tests developed by the authors are applied to Wisconsin migration data. These tests suggest that although heterogeneity and nonstationarity are strongly present within the data, duration-of-stay effects appear weak.

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