1982 volume 14(3) pages 335 – 342

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Phibbs P J, Holsman A J, 1982, "Estimating input - output multipliers -- a new hybrid approach" Environment and Planning A 14(3) 335 – 342

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Estimating input - output multipliers -- a new hybrid approach

P J Phibbs, A J Holsman

Received 10 April 1981, in revised form 2 June 1981

Abstract. A new hybrid input - output technique known as GRITSSIC is proposed. The method uses survey-based sums of intermediate coefficients to improve the accuracy and reliability of generalised regional input - output tables. A series of simulation tests and empirical verification through the application of the technique to the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales suggest that GRITSSIC achieves a satisfactory compromise between reliability and cost efficiency.

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