1982 volume 14(3) pages 311 – 322

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deBettencourt J S, Mandell M B, Polzin S E, Sauter V L, Schofer J L, 1982, "Making planning more responsive to its users: the concept of metaplaning" Environment and Planning A 14(3) 311 – 322

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Making planning more responsive to its users: the concept of metaplaning

J S deBettencourt, M B Mandell, S E Polzin, V L Sauter, J L Schofer

Received 2 November 1980, in revised form 30 April 1981

Abstract. Increasing the ability of planning to foster desired, real world events requires planners to consider explicitly the broad range of possible uses and users of their products and to adapt these products and the associated planning process to meet the needs of different users more directly. Metaplanning, a structured process for constructing both responsive as well as ethically sound approaches to planning, is described as an approach for accomplishing this. It is an ongoing activity which can be integrated into the planning function to increase its usefulness and viability. This notion is explored, a strategy for metaplanning is presented, and some of its implications are explored.

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