1982 volume 14(2) pages 195 – 203

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Hubert L J, Golledge R G, Richardson G D, 1982, "Proximity matrix reorganization and hierarchical clustering" Environment and Planning A 14(2) 195 – 203

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Proximity matrix reorganization and hierarchical clustering

L J Hubert, R G Golledge, G D Richardson

Received 3 December 1980, in revised form 16 March 1981

Abstract. Connections between hierarchical clustering and the seriation of objects along a continuum that depend on the patterning of entries in a proximity matrix are pointed out. Based on the similarity between the central notion of an ultrametric in hierarchical clustering and what is called an anti-Robinson property in seriation, it is suggested that the two data-analysis procedures are compatible. Indeed, preliminary seriation of a proximity matrix may help verify the adequacy of the results obtained from a hierarchical clustering or suggest alternatives that may be better. A numerical example using data from the area of criminal justice completes the paper.

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