1975 volume 7(1) pages 99 – 108

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Webber J J, 1975, "Entropy-maximising location models for nonindependent events" Environment and Planning A 7(1) 99 – 108

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Entropy-maximising location models for nonindependent events

J J Webber

Received 2 September 1974

Abstract. This paper presents two kinds of entropy-maximising location model for situations in which there exist two classes of individual. In one class of model, sampling is with replacement; in the second, sampling is without replacement. These problems are solved, and interpreted as describing the distribution of items and the component classes of items by distance, size, or time. The paper emphasises methods of obtaining complete solutions to each model for certain ideal cases. The first class of model has negative exponential solutions, the second is characterised by logistic functions.

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