1975 volume 7(1) pages 71 – 97

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Hathaway P J, 1975, "Trip distribution and disaggregation" Environment and Planning A 7(1) 71 – 97

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Trip distribution and disaggregation

P J Hathaway

Received 1 August 1974

Abstract. This paper describes an investigation into the gain in the predictive and descriptive abilities of a trip-distribution model which takes into account the differences shown to exist between various categories of trip maker. Four classifications of trip makers are considered—age, sex and marital status, socioeconomic group, occupational classification, and standard industrial classification. A trip-distribution model is calibrated for each of the categories mentioned above. Calibration methods are discussed and a new method whereby the significance of the differences in the values in the trip-distribution model parameters between categories may be examined. It is concluded that it is not worth running separate distribution models for each distinct category of trip maker since the improvement, at least in descriptive ability, is only marginally better than the fit shown by a single trip-distribution model.

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