1974 volume 6(5) pages 565 – 601

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Wigan M R, 1974, "Traffic restraint as a transport planning policy 1: A framework for analysis" Environment and Planning A 6(5) 565 – 601

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Traffic restraint as a transport planning policy 1: A framework for analysis

M R Wigan

Received 19 March 1974, in revised form 20 July 1974

Abstract. This paper summarises the program of work carried out at TRRL up to 1971 on traffic restraint treated as a policy for transport planning. The special techniques required were developed and are described here. The theoretical framework within which local traffic effects can be treated at a strategic level is developed using marginal cost road pricing as an example, and the necessarily stringent pricing establishing the convergence, stability, and repeatability of the results is described for a practical algorithm which can readily be used in other transport planning program systems. The application of these techniques to analyse the comparative effects of different traffic restraint policies, and the variations on the techniques required to handle several groups of travellers who react differently to restraint measures, are the subject of companion papers to appear later in this journal.

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