1974 volume 6(2) pages 215 – 228

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Horie Y, 1974, "A general rollback model for regional air pollution control planning" Environment and Planning A 6(2) 215 – 228

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A general rollback model for regional air pollution control planning

Y Horie

Received 14 June 1973, in revised form 20 January 1974

Abstract. A more general form of proportional model has been derived from the steady-state dispersion equation. Since the model is based on the diffusion model, it can take into account diffusion effects of stack height and spatial distribution of sources. The model, however, does not require so much input data and complex computations as does a diffusion model. In addition to the good features of a proportional model, namely, minimum input requirement and ease of handling, the model explicitly interrelates percentages and amounts of emission reduction with the resulting improvement in air quality. It is applicable for multicategory emission-source situations (for example industrial - residential emission sources) as well as for single-category emission situations (for example automotive emission sources). In the process of model formulation a number of new parameters such as growth factors and relative transfer coefficients are introduced and values of some of these parameters are determined. Several numerical examples are given to illustrate computational procedures and indicate uses of the model in air pollution abatement.

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