1974 volume 6(2) pages 199 – 206

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Robertson I M L, 1974, "Road networks and the location of facilities" Environment and Planning A 6(2) 199 – 206

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Road networks and the location of facilities

Isobel M L Robertson

Received 29 October 1973

Abstract. Procedures for solving the location - allocation problem generally embrace only straight-line distances between the facilities and the population served. Where, however, the direct distance has a varying relationship with actual distance as, for example, in Highland Scotland or in a public transport system where direct links between certain towns are absent, it seems essential to consider real road distances. The Törnqvist algorithm for locating multiple facilities was applied to South-west Argyll, first in standard form. A modified version of the program was then devised with a new searching procedure and a subroutine to accept a complete distance matrix. Comparison of the two procedures showed that the latter gave a more realistic delineation of hinterlands.

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