1970 volume 2(3) pages 285 – 294

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Cliff A D, Haggett P, 1970, "On the efficiency of alternative aggregations in region-building problems" Environment and Planning 2(3) 285 – 294

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On the efficiency of alternative aggregations in region-building problems

A D Cliff, P Haggett

Received 17 April 1970

Abstract. It is clear that, whenever sub-areas are aggregated into regions, the set of regions obtained is only one of a large number of alternative groupings. To illustrate this, equations are derived which give the number of different ways n counties may be grouped to form k regions, k≤ n, in two limiting situations: the totally unconstrained case, when each county can only be grouped with its physically contiguous neighbours. A measure of the efficiency, ω, of any regional grouping is given, and the problem of finding the regional grouping with the 'best' value of ω in the set of alternative grouping patterns is discussed.

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