1970 volume 2(3) pages 251 – 265

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Hutchinson B G, 1970, "Structuring urban transportation planning decisions: available social science constructs" Environment and Planning 2(3) 251 – 265

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Structuring urban transportation planning decisions: available social science constructs

B G Hutchinson

Received 16 February 1970

Abstract. A welfare-theory-based framework for the evaluation of urban transportation investments is described. An economic efficiency criterion is developed in terms of the community demand schedules for accessibility and for environmental quality. A procedure for modifying this efficiency criterion to reflect income distribution goals is presented. It is argued that the necessary empirical information for this evaluation framework must be derived from the application of some consistent theory of democratic group decisions. A number of models of the political process are then reviewed. Recent experience with several institutional frameworks for planning is discussed and some of the principles of the models are used to evaluate this experience. The contributions that available models of the political process might make to the extension of the welfare-based-evaluation framework are then explored. The elementary extensions presented in the paper provide a basis for studying the goal formulation and weighting processes in particular communities. Comparative studies in a number of urban communities should lead to the development of a meaningful institutional framework for urban transportation planning activities.

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