1970 volume 2(2) pages 203 – 210

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Rose K E, 1970, "Planning and P.P.B.S. with particular reference to Local Government" Environment and Planning 2(2) 203 – 210

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Planning and P.P.B.S. with particular reference to Local Government

K E Rose

Received 14 January 1970

Abstract. The article notes that P.P.B.S. is attracting much attention as a means of making planning more effective. Some examples of the limitations of current planning are given, and the need for a more comprehensive approach is suggested. P.P.B.S. is defined and the current role of physical planners is examined in relation to it. A wider view of planning and different types of plans are stated, and the probable impact of P.P.B.S. on future planning through objectives, analysis, programming and information systems is discussed. Increasing emphasis is likely to be placed on full interdisciplinary collaboration if the potential of P.P.B.S. is to be realised.

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