1969 volume 1(1) pages 33 – 46

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Gans H J, 1969, "Planning for people, not buildings" Environment and Planning 1(1) 33 – 46

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Planning for people, not buildings

Herbert J Gans

Received 5 April 1968

Abstract. The almost exclusive orientation of American planners to the physical aspects of planning is stressed, and the historical development in America of this bias described. The influence of the class and professional background of planners in producing the cultural prejudice in their attitudes and efforts is also brought out. It is argued that economic, social and cultural relationships have a more significant effect on behaviour than does the physical environment, and that it is the former which should be, therefore, the chief concern of the planner. Consequently it is necessary to discover the needs of the specific group of people affected. The problem of allocating resources between competing groups is discussed, and the importance of planning for choice is stressed.

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