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Environment and Planning A is an interdisciplinary journal of urban and regional research. It is the only journal in the field which, because of its size and frequency, can provide the breadth of coverage which allows it to maintain its core interests while simultaneously developing new fields of research as they emerge. Monthly publication means these objectives can be maintained. It also means that rapid publication is assured.

The journal is concerned with the fate of cities and regions. The urgency of the problems that have to be faced is clear: rapid economic skills; economic, social, and cultural exclusion; strains on transport; and environmental damage are just some of the problems that now plague cities and regions all around the world. Confronting these problems involves the mobilisation of many disciplines—geography, economics, environmental science, political science, demography, engineering, and regional science, for example—and many different strategies of work—quantitative and qualitative, economic and cultural, theoretical and applied. All are reflected in an active international editorial advisory board, and in the equally wide-ranging context of the journal.

Above all, the editors and advisors of Environment and Planning A are committed to publishing innovative, quality papers which tackle important questions and define the research frontier. Many citation index studies have shown that the journal is adept at publishing papers which have had a lasting impact in the field.

The editors and their advisors aim to produce a journal which is not only important but also lively. Apart from papers, there are editorials and commentaries, many of which are highly cited, and occasional book-review symposia. (Symposia are by commission or via proposals to the editor.)

Environment and Planning A is a peer-review journal. However, the commentary section of the journal is there to allow the expression of personal opinions by authors on topical issues and it is not normally refereed, although an editor will assess each commentary for general appropriateness

ISSN 0308-518X (print) 1472-3409 (electronic)

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